Introducing our new walk through home tours

We are excited to add our new walk through home tours to our lineup of great marketing tools. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Walk through screenshot presented by Royal LePage Carman

Is this one of the best ways out there for your house to be seen?…yes it is!

This technology allows us to take 3-dimensional scans of each room. It literally captures every nook and cranny and will blow you away with how life like it feels. It’s like being there without being there.

Where can you find this feature?

We had our web building team embed it into our website so it’s now available on our individual listing pages, our goal is to have all our listings featured in this great way in the future. Just scroll down when you’re on a particular listing page and you will see a ‘Walk through’ tab, as well as ‘Aerial’ and ‘Street level’ options. Just click on the ‘Walk through’ tab and you will be taken to a separate page where you’ll begin your tour.

Virtual 3D walk though

How do I use it?

Once you are on the virtual tour site you are ready to explore. This is the fun part!! First of all, you have the option to view it as a slideshow, and the ability to click and walk through the home as if you are there. To view the slide show simply click on the play arrow on the bottom left, just above the slideshow photos. While you are on a specific photo you can click on the screen and it will take you where you click. Just don’t leave any footprints while you’re there 🙂 To continue with the slideshow press play again. To go back to a certain room just click on the little 3D home beside the play button to see the floor plan and click on the room you want to go to.

360 Home Walk Through

Don’t be afraid to click on icons and familiarize yourself with all the options. Once you know how it works it’s a pretty neat way to lose track of time.

Be sure to click on the “dollhouse view” …amazing!

Virtual Walk Through - Dollhouse View

Each home also has a schematic blueprint available on the listing page. How great is that?!

Gross Internal Area - floor planWhy is this so great for buyers and sellers?

As a buyer you are able to check out the specifics of a home before committing to booking a showing. Life is busy enough and this helps to filter out which homes are worth your time. It gives you the ability to go back after and see anything you were unsure of. It’s a huge benefit to sellers because it can give you the peace of mind that buyers have previewed your home and are there because they already like it.

Most of all, it saves time for everyone because it’s better than being there!