Thinking about selling? Here are our 10 tips!

10 tips to selling your home

Through our years of experience, we have found that the prep work you put into your home can certainly determine the length of time on the market and the success of your sale. While there are no guarantees in the home selling/buying process we want to give you the best end result as possible. So here are our 10 tips on how to prepare your home to sell.

1. Make minor repairs. Compile a checklist of all the repairs that need to get done. Potential buyers notice EVERYTHING! Even if you’re not selling in the near future, it’s best to bite the bullet and make the repairs as they pop up so that the job isn’t overwhelming when the time rolls around.

2. Clear the clutter. You want buyers to be able to see how great your home is, not how messy and cluttered space is. Find a spot for that stack of mail or the pile of shoes in your entryway. Putting things in their proper spot is crucial to the appearance of ample space in your home.

3. Do a thorough clean. Wash windows, polish faucets and appliances, dust on top of ledges and fan blades. If you’re pressed for time hire a cleaning company to help lighten the load.

4. Keep decor simple. Everyone has different tastes in decor, which is totally fine…for you! Buyers may have a hard time imagining themselves in a jungle safari, which could potentially turn them away. It’s best to keep decor simple and natural for showings.

5. Set the scene. Place logs in the fireplace set the table, open the windows to let in natural light. Making your home as inviting as possible can really pay off.

6. Boost curb appeal. We often have clients call us because they saw a for sale sign. Home exteriors and yards that are kept in good repair are likely to get the most action. Clean up flower beds, front porches and ensure that walkways are kept clear in the winter months.

7. Create a spa. No, we’re not asking you to overhaul your bathroom. Adding coordinating towels, faux plants, scented candles, and some decorative accents can transform your bathroom into a luxurious and relaxing oasis anyone could enjoy.

8. Tackle what you don’t see. Cleaning out and rearranging your closets, cupboards, and drawers is not a bad idea. The truth of the matter is that clients do in fact open them up and judge. The last thing you want is for buyers to think there isn’t enough space to properly store all their stuff.

9. Paint touch-ups and repaint. It’s a simple and fairly cheap way to freshen up your home. To appeal to most buyers, consider painting in a light, neutral colour. Light paint colours give the illusion of larger, roomier space. Don’t forget about touching up your trim too!

10. Hire REALTORĀ®. Our experienced agents will help you through the process and give you advice and tips along the way. Hiring a great agent is a step in the right direction.

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