Simple is better {selling your home}

Your home is for you and your family right?! This is technically true for the time being. But when your house is on the market to sell, potential buyers want to be able to see it as THEIR home.

Simplifying your home for selling can be a great way to get more traffic and interest from potential buyers. This is often something that goes overlooked by many sellers.

Here are some of our helpful tips:

  • Move out or store away any items you are able to live without for a while. Buyers want to be able to look past furniture and decorations and envision themselves in the space. It’s easier to do so when there is less in the way. And when it comes time to moving, you’ll be glad you started packing early!
  • Declutter closets and cabinets. Buyers look in closets and cabinets, it’s no secret. Packing them full of clutter makes them less appealing and hard to get a good look at. Full storage spaces often give the impression that space is limited and there may not be enough space for them. Clear kitchen countertops and clean off your fridge. Cleared surfaces help to make rooms look larger. Take time to clear off unnecessary items from your countertop and remove pictures and magnets from your fridge door.
  • Garages and sheds are often dumping grounds for unused and unsightly items. Now is a great time to go through these places in your home and get ready for moving. This will benefit you, the seller, by getting rid of and organizing areas you normally wouldn’t. It also attracts the buyer to these areas of your home… because, who doesn’t need storage?! 

  • Curb Appeal is the first thing a potential buyer notices about your home. It gives a clear indicator of what’s on the other side of the front door. Clearing bikes, children’s toys and lawn accessories allows the buyer to see the home exteriors true potential. If they don’t like what they see when driving by it is possible they may just keep in driving.

By following these steps you will be well on your way to maximizing the look and feel of your home. Perceived value is critical in attracting the right buyer for your home.