Should I Bring It with Me When I Move?

Deciding it is time to move into a new home is a tough decision to make; for some homeowners this could mean moving away from family and loved ones, leaving your old job behind, and accepting the trials and tribulations that come with familiarizing yourself to a new town. The decision to move also means homeowners must consider what to bring with them when they run. Many homeowners like to purchase new appliances when they move into a new home, and some must leave plenty behind because of the size restrictions of their new place. Here are some questions you must ask yourself when deciding what to bring with you:


Is There Space for It in My New Home?


Moving into a new place is a lot like playing Tetris with your appliances and furniture by trying to make them fit. When you start to move in your appliances, you may notice that your fridge or dryer and washing machine don’t fit as adequately as you need them to. Real estate agents can assist you in making realistic predictions about which appliances and furniture pieces are going to be a burden to relocate and should be considered to leave for the new people moving into your home. Ultimately, it’s your choice, but these decisions can make moving a less stressful experience.


How Often Do I Need It?


While you’re rummaging through your belongings, it’s helpful to sort them into categories of use. If you use items daily such as cooking appliances, hygiene products, or clothing then bring them to your new home. These products tend to be small enough to store in cupboards and closets which will be beneficial in creating room for other items you require. Things that you use on an annual basis may allow for more leeway to be tossed out or donated. Holiday decorations, outdoor table sets & chairs, or outdated technology pieces like VHS or old desktop computers provide homeowners with the opportunity to trim the fat and bring what they need. In the end, discarding of unnecessary items will save you space in your home for newer and more quality products.


Is There Sentimental Value?


Some things can be replaced; televisions, microwaves, and computers can all be replaced if you decide to leave them behind or donate them. However, some things cannot be replaced; items with reminiscent value should most definitely be brought with you to your new home. Even items that can be replaced like hairbrushes or a pair of shoes if they were given to you by a deceased loved one or are tied to a significant memory or occasion in your life, ensure that you hold on to them tightly and that they do not get relocated or lost during the moving process.

Regardless of the items that you decide to bring with you, ensure that you label all your moving boxes to help speed up the moving process and to prevent boxes getting misplaced or tossed around with important contents inside.