Home staging made simple

Home staging is a great idea and we quite like it.

A big question these days is, “Should I stage my home for selling?”

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The quick and simple answer is yes! We’re not saying you need to go ahead and hire a high end professional home staging service. What we mean by the answer yes, is that staging your own home can be quite simple and inexpensive. You can even do it on your own!

When buyers are walking through your home they notice little touches and details (even though they likely won’t come with the sale of the home). Appearance is everything to a potential home buyer. A simple strategy is to declutter each space of your home. It’s likely you’ll be moving in the near future so it’s a great idea to pack away the stuff you haven’t used in 10 years. Simplifying and cleaning every space in your home is a huge benefit and it gives the illusion of more space for the next home owners to work with.

Kitchen and bathroom counters should be clear of appliances, gadgets and clutter. Instead, add decorative pieces, like wooden cutting boards, pretty canisters, and fresh flowers.

Furniture arrangement is also critical in making your home look attractive to buyers. Living rooms and rec. rooms are arguably one of the most used spaces in a home. Keep entryways and pathways clear as well as arrange furniture in a way that makes sense.

Although it may take a bit of physical labour and updating a few things around your home, you can see that staging your home to sell doesn’t need to stretch your bank account.

We are certainly not claiming to be professionals but we do have some experience and knowledge of what buyers are looking for.  If you need any information or have questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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