Common Myths Selling Your House in The Fall

The Summer has now come to an end, the leaves are beginning to change colour and fall to the ground, and the cold weather is upon us. Your time is now consumed with driving your kids to school, packing away summer clothing in favour of warmer attire, and preparing to sell your home. That’s right, selling your home. Even though there are numerous claims that Fall is not a great time to sell your house, that isn’t true as many people are relocating for work, school or a fresh start at the end of Summer. The one issue with selling in the Fall is many homeowners do not think it requires the same amount of preparation as it would in the Spring or Summer. Here are a few debunked myths about selling your home in the Fall.


“Curb Appeal Only Matters in Spring and Summer”


Curb appeal may matter to some prospective buyers even more so than in the Spring or Summer. Due to the increased possibility of falling leaves and the decreased sunlight, buyers will be paying attention to how well you treat your home from the outside. Pay close attention to your front lawn; if there is an abundance of dead leaves, dead grass, or if your grass is long and unkempt it will reduce the chances of fielding interested offers.


“I Only Decorate Inside Because Nobody Spends Time Outside”


Much like the last point, the outside of your home says a lot about you, and it is used to help buyers envision themselves in your place. Most people buying a home are families, and they generally want to see a family-friendly vibe emanating from your house. This means embracing the Fall atmosphere and decorating for events like Thanksgiving and Halloween. Small little things like investing in a couple of pumpkins for your porch/stoop or a small Thanksgiving wreath can attract Fall buyers.


“I’ll Undersell My Home Because That’s the Market”


Perhaps the most significant mistake you can make when selling your home is estimating a price and accepting a loss. Whether you think you’re doing the right thing by adjusting the price to account for the limited amount of people searching for a home, you should speak to a real estate agent first to ensure you are asking for the best return on your home. The professionals here at Royal LePage Carman, understand the market better than anyone and are equipped with the skillset to market your home to maximize your return efficiently.


Fall is an excellent time of year to sell your home, as opposed to what many people think. All it takes is for the right agent to come to inspect your home and optimize it for sale. If you’re thinking of selling your home in the Fall and would like more information about what you can do increase the chances of a sale and improve the chances of an adequate return; contact Royal LePage Carman today! We will set you on a track to success.