CMA- Comparative Market Analysis

Before listing your home we do the homework and prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for you based on your home.
This report compares your property to other homes that are similar in location, size, and features. Ideally, a CMA uses recently sold homes from the same location as the subject property. Of course, finding homes that sold within the last three to six months in the immediate area can sometimes be difficult if you’re in a rural setting.
A comparative market analysis helps sellers choose the best listing prices for their homes. The “best” price is the one that’s not so low it leaves money on the table, and not so high that the home doesn’t sell at all.
The best comps are the ones that are the most similar to the subject home, the more recently sold, and the ones with the fewest adjustments required. The final price might need to be tweaked slightly, depending on the market. For example, if the market is hot or if inventory is low, the price might be slightly higher. Conversely, if there are a lot of similar homes on the market, the price might have to come down to be competitive.

Choosing the right list price for your home gets the most exposure with potential buyers looking for homes like yours!