5 Things to Consider When Buying Rural Property

Example of rural property offered by Royal LePage Carman in Carman, MBA lot of people have dreamt of buying a beautiful spread of rural property near the placid lakes and mountains of Manitoba and settling down far from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you’re one of those folks thinking of embracing the country life, here are a few things to do when you’re ready to buy property.

1. Hire a Realtor

Unless you’re already an expert on country living, it’s best to hire a buyer’s realtor who specializes in rural property. Often, rural properties come with special regulations that the seller’s realtor may not go into detail about, so it helps to have an expert on your side. Your realtor can advise you on subjects such as trash pickup (some rural residents must take their garbage to a dump), water rights, fees associated with living on a private road, the frequency of power outages, and even how to maintain your home during the winter.

2. Have a Survey Done

Avoid disputes over property lines by having a survey done early in the process. A surveyor can mark the boundaries of your property, allowing you to see exactly what you’ll be getting in the purchase.

3. Get a Water and Air Test

In rural areas, many people draw their water from private wells. These wells can become contaminated, making the water unsafe to drink, so it’s important to have the water tested to ensure the safety of your family (and livestock, if you’ll be farming). In some areas, the air may also contain high levels of toxins such as radon, so an air test is also a good idea.

4. Buy Title Insurance

Title insurance helps protect a buyer from unforeseen incidents such as the seller removing a deed of trust or the transfer of ownership through a legal deed. Additionally, when you purchase title insurance, you will be able to find out if the property has ever been used for dumping toxic waste.

5. Ask About the Septic System

Some rural properties were equipped with a septic system designed for a small home. If the house has been renovated or expanded, the leach field should have been expanded as well. If not, the septic system may not be adequate to support a larger family.

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