4 ways to boost your curb appeal

Do you feel like your home’s exterior is lacking the lustre it once boasted? Perhaps it’s your home’s painting job, a deteriorating roof, or a lack of attractive landscaping; either way, you feel the need to upgrade your home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is especially important for individuals looking to sell their homes as it typically will boost buyer appeal and property value. If you’re looking to improve the curb appeal of your home, here are four things that you could try:

Add More Trees/Plants/Grass

Your home’s exterior vastly improves when you take proper care of your landscaping. Landscaping includes growing and maintaining trees, planting flowers or shrubbery, and taking adequate care of your lawn. Understandably, taking care of your landscaping is a lot of work, and if you have a lot of other commitments to attend to it may be your last priority. Essentially, the main points of focus are to ensure your grass is healthy, raked and trimmed & that you invest in some plants which can include potted hangers and windowsill planters.

Add Vibrancy to Your Front Door

Over time, the paint on your front door will lose its vibrancy and its attractiveness. A significant boost to your curb appeal would be to apply a new, fresh coat of paint to your front door. It’s wise to choose a colour that will accentuate the other intricacies that make your house special and noticeable. This option is relatively cheap and can be completed for about 80 dollars and is a perfect do-it-yourself job. Bright colours work best for your curb appeal but be sure the colour meshes well with other colours already in place on your home.

 Enhance Your House Numbers

Not often an aspect of your home that you would think would improve your home’s resale value, upgrading your home’s street number could catch the eye of an interested buyer. Upgrading your home’s numbers is quick, easy and effective. Houses with the numbers spelled out in cursive writing are out of date nowadays, so be sure to upgrade those if your home uses them. Look at the variety of numbers available and make an educated decision of which font will highlight your home’s aesthetic.

Use A Power Washer to Remove Stubborn Dirt

Dirt and grime are bound to accumulate over the years and can hurt your home’s aesthetic including the vibrancy of your home’s exterior paint. You can use a power washer to help remove stubborn dirt and grime from your sidewalks, driveways and siding. You may not realize the dirt and grime present on your driveway or sidewalk because you’ve gotten used to its appearance. A power washer will remove that unappealing layer of dirt around your home’s exterior and present you with a brand-new looking porch, driveway, garage door, etc.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can improve your home’s curb appeal and make your home more lucrative for prospective homebuyers should you ever decide to sell it.